We seek critical essay submissions that engage with the various complex issues facing Indigenous peoples and communities today. While the analytical apparatus can draw upon a number of academic disciplines (history, literary, ethnic, or cultural studies, for example), we are especially interested in works that employ a specific Indigenous worldview as an analytical tool for critical inquiry. While we expect sources and supporting materials, we recognize that citing Indigenous knowledge can be difficult. Please query ahead of time if you feel your work would fit our journal, but perhaps lacks such citations due to those inherent difficulties. We also desire pieces which employ tightly focused, argument driven writing, rather than a broad survey. We do strongly support narrative scholarship, but do expect the structure to engage critically in a tight, argument driven focus.
We seek book review submissions that identify leading works in fields and genres pertinent to Indigenous peoples. The review should be a synthesis of summary, critique/evaluation, and recommendation.  These could review creative work of any kind, or critical texts.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.